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Our Products

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We make all of our products on site in our workshop at Chocolate Whirled using the finest quality Belgian chocolate. We have a wide selction of our unique gifts out for sale in the shop and have a wide selection of seasonal gifts available . Products can be personalised or made bespoke to order as long as we have plenty of notice. Our chocolate is all gluten free, meaning more people can enjoy it!


Because of our bespoke service, we cannot offer a shopping basket option and we don't post out as we are unable to guarantee safe arrival.


Alternatively, you can contact us regarding your order via email through our website or via our Facebook page.  Please give us as much notice as possible and please be aware that we close our order books at busy times (our Facebook page is updated with this information).



We look forward to hearing from you soon!!





Moo Free Products.


We sell a wide selection of Moo Free chocolate, including extra

selections at Easter and Christmas for both children and adults.


The Moo range is dairy free, gluten free, soya free, Vegan and

GM free. We sell this range at a very competitive price from just 75p

and do our best to have a good selection in regularly.

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